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I empower sensitive & empathic humans to unlock their inner power, prioritize their healing, and level up their personal growth. 

I believe that when inner healing & personal growth come first, your business and relationships naturally radiate. I’m here to support you on your journey!

Unleash your inner power and create the life & work you desire!

Welcome to Elevate Whole Healing with April Monique, where we prioritize inner healing and personal growth to empower empathic humans, visionaries, & leaders who are ready to sustainably thrive in their next level.

 ✨ I weave Intuitive NeuroCoaching, Somatic Processing + Nervous System Regulation, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, ADHD Coaching, and Quantum Energy Healing into a powerful body of work that I'm told feels like a refreshing apothecary of renewal. 

 ✨ I get excited about seeing folks expand their energetic capacity to be seen, heard, and understood so that they can feel truly seen, radically nurtured, and fully expressed.

 ✨ I value authentic integrity. This means that who I am in my work is the same as who I am in my life. I will shoot straight as much as I can, fully and directly communicating is deeply important to me.